Our HD Wearable Video Camera is Great for Any and Every Trip

Lately, we've been highlighting a lot of amazing places to visit. No matter where you plan to go, make sure you have the new MeCam HD in tow. This revolutionary Mini Camera is the culmination of dedication research and consumer feedback, offering premium videos that match if not surpass most high-end cameras on the market. The impressively portable 2" by 2" MeCam HD shoots in full 1080p HD video with a high quality glass lens and internal gyroscope for image stabilization, giving you even greater opportunities for creative photography and video (as demonstrated in the promo video). The MeCam HD has the unique ability to emit its own Wi-Fi signal, allowing you to connect to your smartphone or tablet and control the MeCam through the proprietary app. This means you can instantly share footage and enjoy a more social experience with your MeCam. Furthermore, this advanced program works by singling out the ‘highlights’ of your footage and shoots you back a fully-edited video seamlessly with true image color presentation. The camera also boasts three modes for shooting burst and time-lapse photography. The HD MeCam was the culmination of many months of cutting-edge research and engineering, much of which was gathered by feedback from users of the existing MeCam model. Original MeCam users wanted a more professional and advanced video camera to capture their lives, and we are proud to have given it to them. If you have any questions about this revolutionary Mini Video Camera, then send us an email atSales@MeCam.me. We will continue to sell the MeCam Classic alongside the impressive MeCam HD.

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