Five Gorgeous Waterfalls To Capture With Your MeCam

140713211509-shoshone-falls-horizontal-gallery From the grand and majestic to the tranquil and pristine, waterfalls come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that make them a fantastic photo opportunity. The U.S. has no shortage of fantastic options to choose from, many of them located in gorgeous and unique parks and preserves that are a worthy visit in themselves. Here are just five of the many waterfalls to capture with your MeCam Mini Camera. Bridal Veil Falls, Valdez, Alaska Located about 15 miles outside Valdez, Alaska, this waterfall actually freezes in the winter, nonetheless offering an interesting sight. You can hike through a glacier to get to it, or opt for the gorgeous two-mile Valdez Goat Trail, which offers a great vantage point of the falls about halfway through. Adventurous ice climbers will love the fact that Bridal Veil Falls is one of the most accessible, lengthiest, and widest ice climbs along the Keystone Canyon. Moreover, its closeness to the ocean keeps temperatures relatively warmer than surrounding area. Cascade Falls, Giles County, Virginia Dropping over a 69-foot rocky ledge into the pool below, these lovely falls can be reached with a two-mile hike along Little Stony Creek. There is also a second upper trail for the hike back. In addition to many offerings of the Cascades Recreation Area located at the start of the hike trail to the falls, you can also travel up with horses and bicycles. Trout fishing is popular year-round as well. During the winter, you can see beautiful ice formations hanging from the surrounding 200-foot cliff wall, with wooden stairs and platforms allowing for closer viewing and great photographs. Vernal Fall, Yosemite, California Follow either the Mist Trail or John Muir Trail, both renowned for their beauty, to get a close-up view of this majestic fall. Both take you too a footbridge less than a mile into the hike. Hikers can continue along the Mist Trail up 600 granite steps of a giant natural staircase to reach the top of the 317-foot waterfall. Beyond Vernal Fall on the Mist Trail you'll find the impressive Nevada Fall. Because it is fed by a glacier and a spring, as well as snow melt, this is one of the few falls you can see even during drought season.  Potato River Falls, Gurney, Wisconsin This is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Midwest. Located at the end of Potato River Falls Road in a county park, the falls are easily viewable from several lovely trails. Divided into Upper and Lower falls, the falls plunge 90 feet into the river. On the half-mile trail that leads to Upper Falls, hikers can access the top of Potato River Falls by following the river bank. Enjoy a breathtakingly colorful display during the autumn season. Bond Falls, Paulding, Michigan A hidden gem within Michigan’s pristine Western Upper Peninsula, Bond Falls has a 40-foot drop that extends 100 feet wide and divides into several smaller cascades. Located on the middle branch of the Ontonagon River near Paulding, Michigan, the falls have been designated a Michigan State Scenic site. Unlike many other falls, Bond Falls is very accessible, with a level boardwalk from the parking area near the base of the falls leading visitors to a viewing point. Whichever you choose to visit – if not all of them! – your MeCam Hands-Free Video Camera will be on hand to help you capture the most memorable and unique perspective of these miracles of nature.

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