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It’s no secret that the MeCam Mini Camera is one of the most innovative electronic products out there. That's why they've earned the attention of a plethora of news sites and tech reviewers, including PC Mag, Trend Hunter, Beast, and many more. As further confirmation of the MeCam's uniquely stylish and functional features, the new MeCam HD is now on sale at none other than Touch of Modern, one of the web’s leading purveyors of high-end modern design products. Needless to say, this reflects a ringing endorsement of the new MeCam's quality and innovative. To further kick-off this momentous occasion, the MeCam HD will be available at Touch of Modern for $214 – a full $45 less than the regular price! Until September 1st, you can purchase one of the most affordable but effective Hands-Free Wearable Cameras on the market at a significant discount. As you see, this is a heck of bargain. The culmination of many months of cutting-edge research and engineering, the MeCam HD represents the "vision of the perfect mini Wearable Video camera", as determined by the feedback from customers like you. As such it will provide full 1080p HD, top quality videos that match or surpass all the high-end cameras currently available on the market. The MeCam HD stands out from its predecessor in many ways, all the while maintaining the same portable and lightweight size of 2 x 2 inches. It shoots video with a high quality glass lens and a 3- Axis internal gyroscope for image stabilization; emits its own Wi-Fi signal that connects to the proprietary MeCam App on a smartphone or tablet; allows users to remotely control the functions of the MeCam through said app; and much more! Like the MeCam Classic, the MeCam HD will allow you to record your life or activities in exciting and unique ways. In addition to Touch of Modern the MeCam HD (as well as its predecessor) is still available for sale here at

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