Capture Ireland's Most Picturesque Spots With the MeCam Mini Camera

Hikers exploring Carrantuohill, Ireland's tallest peak. Hikers exploring Carrantuohill, Ireland's tallest peak.[/caption] Ireland is famous for its natural beauty, and there’s no doubt why. One glimpse at the rocky seaside cliffs and sandy beaches that line the coasts of the island is all it takes for you to fall in love with Ireland! The MeCam, an innovative Hands-Free Video Camera, is the perfect travel companion. The MeCam Mini Camera can capture and record the breathtaking sights of Ireland as you take them in. Simply clip on the Camera and you will be able to record the world as you see it! One of Northern Ireland’s most famous sights is Giant’s Causeway, a geological wonder consisting of some forty thousands basalt columns. As classic the story goes, the heroic Finn McCool built the causeway to Scotland, in order to challenge the resident giant. On the science side of this site, the columns were formed as a result of volcanic activity approximately fifty million years ago. Revel in the wonder of Giant’s Causeway with your MeCam, or, head to the famed Cliffs of Moher! The rocky Cliffs of Moher skirt the western coast of County Clare. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, the Cliffs of Moher are nothing short of majestic, and stretch on for nearly five miles. At some 700 feet at their highest point, these cliffs are an absolutely unforgettable scene. Natural beauty isn’t all that Ireland has, although the countryside is breathtaking! Major cities such as Dublin and Belfast boast gorgeous architecture and seemingly endless attractions. One thing to check out is the Spire of Dublin, a 400 foot spire built in 2002. Standing in the center of O’Connell Street, the stainless steel spire, also known as the Monument of Light, is illuminated and becomes a beacon of light in the night sky. With MeCam along for the ride on all your travels, you can be sure that you’ll never forget the picturesque sights of any destination- you’ll always be able to look back at your MeCam footage, which captures the stunning surroundings from your own point of view!

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