The Best Views in Yellowstone National Park

index_large For those visiting Yellowstone National Park, it is impossible not to be in wonder by its natural beauty. There are countless opportunities for you to awe in its wonder or capture images and video with a Hands Free Video Camera. Here are some of the best views you’ll find while visiting the park. Grand Prismatic Spring Although Yellowstone is filled with many hot springs, Grand Prismatic Spring is also the largest in the United States. It is known for its strange rainbow colors that have inspired the water color paintings of Thomas Moran. Artist Point Situated on the Lower Falls, this waterfall is perhaps the most beautiful in all of Yellowstone. The falls reach 700 feet high and can be seen from the rim of the canyon in the park. Old Faithful By far the most popular geyser at Yellowstone and probably the most popular attraction at the park, Old Faithful is famous for spouting higher than the rest of the geysers in the park and has done so for hundreds of year. Like clockwork, the geyser is known to shoot every 90 minutes. Grand Canyon At 24 miles long, this Grand Canyon in the park is much smaller than the more famous than the other Grand Canyon in Arizona but it still impresses. At certain points, the canyon is over 1,000 feet deep! Sepulcher Mountain Trail At the northern gateway of Yellowstone National Park, you will find the stunning Electric Peak and Sepulcher Mountain. Although they that breathtaking while traveling along Highway 89, they are even more beautiful for those who travel along the trail. While visiting these spots, it’s important to bring a hands free camera that isn’t cumbersome and will not get in the way while hiking, biking or climbing. At MeCam, we can provide you with a Mini Camera that can take quality photos and videos and also has the capability to be attached to a mount or clip so it can be worn or fixed to an object. For more info, go to

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