Top Tourist Sites in Scotland

Edinburgh_Castle_from_the_North_medium Located in the United Kingdom, Scotland is an extraordinarily remarkable country to visit. With outstandingly beautiful scenery and a rich history that is found all over, it is definitely a country that deserves to be documented with your hands free video camera. Here are some of the top tourist spots to visit in Scotland: Edinburgh Castle Sitting on the top of a dormant volcano is Edinburgh Castle, a magnificent monument that represents the country’s history of military strength and political identity. It was the the hub for military strategizing and was often featured in major battles of the country. The castle is visible for miles and is a remarkable feat of architecture. Loch Ness Lake Home to the famed mythic creature, Loch Ness is often visited by thousands of visitors in the hopes that they will be able to see the elusive Loch Ness monster with their own eyes and hopefully document it. Take your mini camera and hope the creature comes out for a peek. Melrose Abbey Built in 1136, this religious structure founded by monks has managed to withstand Scotland’s elements for nearly 1,000 years. While time has taken a toll on the structure, it is an extraordinary spot that is rich with history as well as legends. Stirling Castle Perched high up on a hill towering above the Scottish countryside, this castle is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque. Amazingly maintained over the centuries, it is an astounding time portal that will transport you to the 16th century and experience the rich cultural and historical traditions of the time. Wherever you choose to journey in Scotland, you will undoubtedly be in awe by the country’s incredible history and beauty. On your trip, it is important to bring a camera that will not be distracting and allow you to pay attention to the surroundings. The MeCam HD hands free video camera takes high resolution video in a tiny package that can be worn or mounted, allowing you to enjoy your experience. To learn more information, click here (

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