Check Out Some of the Top Cities to Capture With Your MeCam!

mecam_cambodia_medium Many customers love the MeCam line-up because they are perfect for travel. With three portable models that fit your Mini Video Camera needs, they are all great for when you want to document your trips on the go without your camera getting in the way. With so many places to see, here are some of the places to top cities to capture with your MeCam: Siem Reap, Cambodia A new city filled with ancient history, Siem Reap was founded in the 18th century but has historical ruins that date back thousands of years. The Angkor region is home to some of the most extraordinary ancient temples anywhere with the world and an extraordinary sight to behold. The area is also known for its beautiful forests and lakes surrounding the ruins. Cape Town, South Africa There are few places as unique as Cape Town. It is one of the largest cities in Africa and it a bustling metropolis homes to millions of people. But it is also situated at the bottom of a mountain range, which is a popular place to hike and experience gorgeous views from above. In addition, it is also a coastal city with great beaches and boating opportunities. Barcelona, Spain The second largest city in Spain, Barcelona is truly incredible city with historic and modern wonders to behold. It features some of the most extraordinary architectural sights in the world with many of the buildings embodying the region’s rich Spanish and Catalan cultural traditions. Among these is the Sagrada Familia, an extraordinarily intricate church that has been under construction for over a hundred years. These are just a few of the amazing cities you can capture with your MeCam. With three models to choose from, every one offers some of the best features available on the Hands-Free Video Cameramarket. To learn more about our models, check out our website.

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