Check Out a Preview of the All-New MeCam X

At MeCam, we are always looking to provide our consumers with the best Mini Camera we can possibly make. Our current products offer an extraordinary value and innovative features but we are always looking to improve our line-up. That is why we are proud to preview our MeCam X, the latest addition to our Mini Camera line-up. While many of customers loved our previous cameras, we noticed that customers really wanted an LCD screen so that they could see the videos record to see on the camera itself rather than viewing it on another device as many may not have a computer or smartphone on hand. That is why for the first time we have included an LCD screen on this camera! Getting a LCD screen on a camera as rugged at the MeCam X but we were finally able to perfect it to our stringent standards. Another feature we had heard lots of customers wanted was the ability to control their MeCam without touching the camera. This was a difficult task as we wanted to create a solution that was easy and intuitive and wouldn’t disrupt the filming experience. But we found a solution that will please MeCam fans: the MeCam X now comes with a watch that can control the device! This will make it easy to carry out functions on the MeCam X when you don’t want to disrupt what you are doing or if you cannot un-mount the device. While there are plenty of new features on the MeCam X, we will reveal those at a later time. But we are extraordinarily excited about the MeCam X and wanted to make sure you knew about our exciting new mini camera and some of its best new features before we formally launch it. If you want to learn more about our latest Mini Camera, be sure to keep on following our blog and our social media accounts!

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