The Unparalleled Photo Opportunities of the Slackline Festival

slack-line-festival-international-highline-meeting-climbing-italian-alps-1_medium If you’re an owner of the MeCam, you know how liberating a Hands-Free Video Camera can be. With our small, light and highly portable camera options, you can take capture video virtually anywhere you go without worrying about the camera holding you back. One place we highly recommend you take your MeCam Mini Camera is the incredible Slackline Festival in the Italian Alps. It is at once one of the most relaxing and one of the most intense sports gatherings in the world. Set up high in the Italian mountains in a region called Monte Piana, extreme sports enthusiasts make their way up the rocky ledges and lie or sit suspended from hammocks. While lying or sitting suspended in the air may sound relaxing to some, these hammocks are suspended hundreds or thousands of feet above from the ground. The views from the hammocks stretch out for miles for miles and are among the most stunning all throughout Italy, making it an ideal spot to capture video on your MeCam Mini Camera. One question you may be asking yourself is how these sports enthusiasts reach these altitudes. This is where the extreme sports come into mind. These daredevils actually tightrope at these extreme heights to get to their desired posts. The festival gets its name from the slacklines that the tightrope walkers hang from, certainly not for the inexperienced. With the need to focus entirely on not falling from these heights, a MeCam Hands-Free Video Camera makes for the perfect companion to capture your voyage. While not everyone will make a journey to these extremely risky festival geared towards the most diehard of sports enthusiasts, it is good to know that MeCam has a Mini Camera that fits your needs and can handle the most intense of conditions. If you want to learn more about our line-up of video cameras made for all types of recreation, go to our website.

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