Top Three Affordable Travel Destinations

There is literally an entire world to experience and capture with your MeCam Mini Camera. But a great place to start is these three great destinations that offer plenty of fun and adventure at a great price.
Northern Italy If you've always wanted to go to Italy, 2015 is a great year to start, with the northern regions offering lots of big-city excitement alongside pristine natural beauty. At the center of it all is Milan, which is not only a vibrant and cultured city in its own right, but will be hosting Expo Milano, a World's Fair event running from May 1 through Oct. 31. The city’s historic center transports you back in time, with the famous Duomo being one of Italy’s most beautiful churches – and offering an incredible view. Nearby Lake Como is a must-see, as are the many picturesque towns in the area, like Gravedona, Bellagio, and Brunate. The Italian Riviera is a given, especially the colorful seaside town of Portofino, just a two-hour drive from Milan. You can take the train from Milan to Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, or Genoa. Bali This romantic Indonesian island is known for its immaculate beaches and rich ancient culture. Usually an expensive venture, this year hotel prices are at record lows, making it even more accessible to those on a budget. There is no shortage of activities and sights to enjoy, from the unique black-sand beach (composed of ancient volcano deposits) to the world-class surfing and diving locations. Embark on an exploration of the island’s jungle interior, which includes extinct volcanoes and 10,000 temples (among the most popular being Pura Luhur Batukau). The town of Ubud is an idyllic and lively place full of traditional markets, street performances, and a stunning royal place. Bali’s distinctive gamelan music can be heard all around, adding even more tranquility to the island. Istanbul Straddling the border between Europe and Asia, Turkey’s sprawling metropolis brings together the best of East and West in terms of architecture, cuisine, and music. In fact, it has become one of the most popular travel destinations in recent years, being named  No. 1 on TripAdvisor. With hotel prices falling, you have an opportunity to experience the high style, world-class shopping, and centuries of history for which the city is known. There is the captivating Grand Bazaar, a souk (open-air market) comprised of dozens of ancient streets lined with thousands of shops. The iconic Hagia Sophia, an ancient cathedral-turned-mosque that is a World Heritage site, and the equally stunning Blue Mosque, with its towering minarets, are must-sees. Gorgeous Greek and Roman ruins abound, as do many quintessentially Turkish and Middle-Eastern styles. The nearby Turkish Riviera rivals its counterparts in France and Italy. Whichever one of these great destinations you choose (if not all of them!) don’t forget the Best Wearable Camera on the market – MeCam! From the reliable classic model, to the HD version and even newer sportier X model, our nifty little cameras have you covered for any adventure you have in store!

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