Coming Soon – The World’s Highest and Longest Glass-Bottomed Bridge

The World’s Highest and Longest Glass-Bottomed BridgeBridges usually offer wonderful photo opportunities, whether from their often-high vantage point, or as the subject matter itself! Thanks to the MeCam Wearable Video Camera, you accurate capture the incredible vista you see on any bridge you visit. With that in mind, consider taking your MeCam Mini Camera this July to Zhangjiajie National Park in China, which will soon host a glass-bottomed bridge that will both the longest and the highest of its kind in the world. Designed by noted Israeli architect Haim Dotan, the sleek and futuristic-looking structure will span two cliffs in the parks grand canyon area, stretching 1,410 ft. (430 m.) long and 20 ft. (6 m.) wide, at a higher of 984 ft. (300 m.). For a point of reference, consider that the Grand Canyon Skywalk in the U.S., which is 69 ft. (21 m.) in length and stands 718 ft. (219 m.) above the canyon floor. If photos or videos from that point are breathtaking, imagine what this bridge in china has to offer. The architect has stated that the bridge is capable of holding up to 800 people at once. It is so sleek and stylish that it will even serve as a runway for fashion shows – imagine snapping some photos of runway models surrounded by awe-inspiring nature? But that is not all. The Grand Canyon of Zhangjiajie skywalk will also offer the world's highest bungee jump, a title it will steal from Macau Tower (which is 764 ft. / 233 m.). Just imagine what sort of video you can take with the MeCam X Sports Camera while you plunge down a pristine canyon from the highest bridge of its kind? Opened to the public since 2009, the sprawling Zhangjiajie park is known for its uniquely formed forested-mountains, which are so pristine and beautiful, they inspired the planet Pandora in James Cameron's 2009 "Avatar" film. Imagine what photos and videos await! From the reliable classic model, to the HD version and even newer sportier X model, our nifty little cameras have you covered for any adventure you have in store! To learn more, contact us here.

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