Top Things Wearable Cameras Can Do That Your Phone Can't

xcam-frontThe growing popularity of the MeCam Mini Camera is a testament to the popularity and desirability of Wearable Video Cameras. In an era of social media, Instagram, and hi-tech digital technology, photography and videography have never been popular. But while smartphones seem to lead the way in this regard, Hands-Free Cameras like the MeCam open up a whole new dimension of recording that cannot be beat. Here’s how: They Are Convenient Instead of having to flip your phone out all the time – which risks a damaging drop – the MeCam can be used without doing anything more than push a button. Because it can be pinned to a shirt, tied around like a necklace, or otherwise do its work without the use of your end, the MeCam lets you capture what you want without getting in the way of your activities. It is great if you want to set your phone down during social gatherings or trips. They Offer Unique Angles Thanks to their hands-free nature, Wearable Cameras like the MeCam can be placed in all sorts of positions and angles other cameras – conventional or smartphone – simply cannot. This allows you to experiment with interesting artistic projects, or to put a unique spin on how you capture a party or event. A whole world of perspectives is now available at your disposal. They Capture Moments as You See Them MeCams provide the most difficult angle to emulate: your own perspective. Whether pinned to your shirt or worn around your neck, such wearable cameras give the closest thing to a first-person view of whatever you are recording. You will never find a more intimate and interesting way to recollect you cherished moments. Improve Your Fitness Training! Wearable cameras like the MeCam are the perfect tools for fitness training, allowing you to record games, regimens, and sessions. It is a great way to assess your strategies, study your body movement, and posture, and work on your athletic goals overall. MeCam is an excellent tool as much as a fun one. Ultimately, the best thing about the diverse MeCam line is that it be used for just about anything its users want it to be. The MeCam is designed to suit every lifestyle and preference. That is why it is so versatile. Learn more by emailing

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