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mecamDid you know the MeCam X is the lightest camera on the market? This is just one example of all the great features the best Wearable Video Camera offers to its customers. MeCam is all about creating cameras with the best resolution in addition to being a hands free camera that way you don't miss any second of the action. The first MeCam product, the Classic, is about the size of a half dollar and the main idea was to create a product easy to use for everyone. MeCam Classic is so simple that you just need to hold down the power button until the LED light on the top starts blinking. The MeCam Classic is available in five different colors to match it with different outfits. Take the MeCam Classic to a fun family activity and capture the best moments. The MeCam HD is all about capturing cool moments in life. It has different photograph options such as time lapse, photo burst and an internal gyroscope for image stabilization. Take the MeCam HD to a night on the town with friends and share your moments on social media. Last but not least, the MeCam X is all about adventures and activities while capturing your exciting life. It has the best picture and video resolution with our most rugged and feature loaded camera. Take the MeCam X to an adventure or vacation with friends and family to shoot crazy pictures underwater. To learn more about the MeCam products, contact us at and stay in touch to check new products with a focus on design, quality and ultimate functionality.

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