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Death_Valley_exit_SR190_view_Panamint_Butt_flash_flood_2013The summer has official began, so it's time to plan a cool vacation and other adventures outdoor activities. The best part is that MeCam X will help you save those precious moments for the rest of your life. MeCam X comes with a 1080p video resolution, 5MP photo resolution, a wrist remote, waterproof case, bike mount and much more. Combine the Wearable Video Camera with an adventure outdoor activity, like camping, hiking or biking. Take the family to a night under the stars with a stone fire ring and the best stories. There are some spots around the United States that need reservation with water and electricity while others are free with just trees. Another excellent outdoor activity is to plan a hiking weekend with friends. There are many parks around the country offering a variety of hiking trails. Plan a hike to a waterfall in a historic site in the United States and shoot cool pictures thanks to MeCam X’s bike mount. There are many different companies offering biking trips. A great option is a trip to Death Valley in the United States, bike across salt flats to the lowest point in the country and explore 100-foot-high sand dunes. Remember that to shoot the best pictures and save excellent memories for the rest of your life is important to have the best Wearable Video Camera. To learn more about all MeCam products contact us at or click here.

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