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Top Five Luxury Destinations

Luxury travel is not just about spending more, but experience and enjoying more of what a destination has to offer. If you are looking for places to get the most out of your travels, consider the following five locales, each of which offers great photo opportunities with your MeCam Mini Video Camera. Paris Is it any surprise that the City of Lights is on this list? From its pristine boulevards to its historic churches, few places on Earth are more romantic and cultured. There are no shortage of artistic enclaves and streets to explore, and beyond top spots like the Arc de Triomphe and Louvre, the capital is dotted with a vast array of breathtaking monuments, museums, hotels, five-star restaurants,...

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Top Three Affordable Travel Destinations

There is literally an entire world to experience and capture with your MeCam Mini Camera. But a great place to start is these three great destinations that offer plenty of fun and adventure at a great price. Northern Italy If you've always wanted to go to Italy, 2015 is a great year to start, with the northern regions offering lots of big-city excitement alongside pristine natural beauty. At the center of it all is Milan, which is not only a vibrant and cultured city in its own right, but will be hosting Expo Milano, a World's Fair event running from May 1 through Oct. 31. The city’s historic center transports you back in time, with the famous Duomo being one...

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The Many Uses of the MeCam Mini Camera

When we set out to design the ultimate Mini Camera, we had in mind to create a device that would serve as many uses for as many people as possible. We wanted a Hands-Free Video Camera that could suit many lifestyles, activities, and creative pursuits – in order words, a camera that could work on your terms. Thanks to its innovative design, there is no shortage of amazing things your MeCam can do for you. Add a Whole New Dimension to Your Activities Whether it is a night in the club, a big house party, or just a day out with friends, you will find that your most memorable moments take on a whole other dynamic when you record them...

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The Unparalleled Photo Opportunities of the Slackline Festival

If you’re an owner of the MeCam, you know how liberating a Hands-Free Video Camera can be. With our small, light and highly portable camera options, you can take capture video virtually anywhere you go without worrying about the camera holding you back. One place we highly recommend you take your MeCam Mini Camera is the incredible Slackline Festival in the Italian Alps. It is at once one of the most relaxing and one of the most intense sports gatherings in the world. Set up high in the Italian mountains in a region called Monte Piana, extreme sports enthusiasts make their way up the rocky ledges and lie or sit suspended from hammocks. While lying or sitting suspended in the...

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Check Out Our Expanded Arsenal of Innovative Mini Cameras

Although our company is just a few years old, we have expanded our product line rapidly to meet the demands of our customers. Starting from the original MeCam Classic, we now offer three other great options to choose from: MeCam HD, MeCam XS and MeCam X - the best action video camera by MeCam. Our basic MeCam model is a great product for those who want an affordable Hands-Free Video Camera that takes high quality video. At just $49.99, it is a great value, considering that it takes crisp 720p video and features great functions, such as like the ability to be clipped onto just about anything, and built-in LED lights to take video in the dark. Our MeCam HD...

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