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Top Tourist Sites in Scotland

Located in the United Kingdom, Scotland is an extraordinarily remarkable country to visit. With outstandingly beautiful scenery and a rich history that is found all over, it is definitely a country that deserves to be documented with your hands free video camera. Here are some of the top tourist spots to visit in Scotland: Edinburgh Castle Sitting on the top of a dormant volcano is Edinburgh Castle, a magnificent monument that represents the country’s history of military strength and political identity. It was the the hub for military strategizing and was often featured in major battles of the country. The castle is visible for miles and is a remarkable feat of architecture. Loch Ness Lake Home to the famed mythic...

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The Best Views in Yellowstone National Park

For those visiting Yellowstone National Park, it is impossible not to be in wonder by its natural beauty. There are countless opportunities for you to awe in its wonder or capture images and video with a Hands Free Video Camera. Here are some of the best views you’ll find while visiting the park. Grand Prismatic Spring Although Yellowstone is filled with many hot springs, Grand Prismatic Spring is also the largest in the United States. It is known for its strange rainbow colors that have inspired the water color paintings of Thomas Moran. Artist Point Situated on the Lower Falls, this waterfall is perhaps the most beautiful in all of Yellowstone. The falls reach 700 feet high and can be seen...

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Capture Ireland's Most Picturesque Spots With the MeCam Mini Camera

Hikers exploring Carrantuohill, Ireland's tallest peak.[/caption] Ireland is famous for its natural beauty, and there’s no doubt why. One glimpse at the rocky seaside cliffs and sandy beaches that line the coasts of the island is all it takes for you to fall in love with Ireland! The MeCam, an innovative Hands-Free Video Camera, is the perfect travel companion. The MeCam Mini Camera can capture and record the breathtaking sights of Ireland as you take them in. Simply clip on the Camera and you will be able to record the world as you see it! One of Northern Ireland’s most famous sights is Giant’s Causeway, a geological wonder consisting of some forty thousands basalt columns. As classic the story goes,...

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MeCam Featured on Touch of Modern

It’s no secret that the MeCam Mini Camera is one of the most innovative electronic products out there. That's why they've earned the attention of a plethora of news sites and tech reviewers, including PC Mag, Trend Hunter, Beast, and many more. As further confirmation of the MeCam's uniquely stylish and functional features, the new MeCam HD is now on sale at none other than Touch of Modern, one of the web’s leading purveyors of high-end modern design products. Needless to say, this reflects a ringing endorsement of the new MeCam's quality and innovative. To further kick-off this momentous occasion, the MeCam HD will be available at Touch of Modern for $214 – a full $45 less than the regular...

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Unusual Hotels To Consider For Your Next MeCam Adventure

Sometimes, where you are staying can be as big an adventure as the trip itself. If you are looking for accommodations that are as photogenic as they are comfortable, consider some of these one-of-a-kind options all over the country -- they are worthy of a memorable photo with your MeCam Mini Camera. Dog Bark Park Inn, Cottonwood, Idaho This quaint bed-and-breakfast consists of a single room with a queen bed and adjacent loft with two twin mattresses -- all inside the largest beagle in the world. This dog-shaped inn is nine meters high and features dog-themed interiors and motif, from carved statues to dog-shaped cookies (even the nearby fire hydrant is actually a porta-potty). Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Parthenon, Arkansas This...

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