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Top Things Wearable Cameras Can Do That Your Phone Can't

The growing popularity of the MeCam Mini Camera is a testament to the popularity and desirability of Wearable Video Cameras. In an era of social media, Instagram, and hi-tech digital technology, photography and videography have never been popular. But while smartphones seem to lead the way in this regard, Hands-Free Cameras like the MeCam open up a whole new dimension of recording that cannot be beat. Here’s how: They Are Convenient Instead of having to flip your phone out all the time – which risks a damaging drop – the MeCam can be used without doing anything more than push a button. Because it can be pinned to a shirt, tied around like a necklace, or otherwise do its work...

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Coming Soon – The World’s Highest and Longest Glass-Bottomed Bridge

Bridges usually offer wonderful photo opportunities, whether from their often-high vantage point, or as the subject matter itself! Thanks to the MeCam Wearable Video Camera, you accurate capture the incredible vista you see on any bridge you visit. With that in mind, consider taking your MeCam Mini Camera this July to Zhangjiajie National Park in China, which will soon host a glass-bottomed bridge that will both the longest and the highest of its kind in the world. Designed by noted Israeli architect Haim Dotan, the sleek and futuristic-looking structure will span two cliffs in the parks grand canyon area, stretching 1,410 ft. (430 m.) long and 20 ft. (6 m.) wide, at a higher of 984 ft. (300 m.). For...

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MeCam Spotlight – Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

The MeCam Mini Camera was created to give users the ability to record their adventures on their terms. Its clever design – compact, lightweight, and wearable – along with its powerful photo and video capabilities (especially the new HD MeCam) make this state-of-the-art Hands Free Camera the best choice for any travel plans. That’s why we're eager to highlight some amazing options to consider for your next MeCam Adventure, such as Ha Long Bay. Literally meaning "descending dragon bay" in Vietnamese, this iconic travel destination is located in northeast Vietnam. Comprised of 1,600 to 2,000 islands and islets, it forms a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars, pristine beaches, caves, arches, and other scenic geographic features – all of it reflecting hundreds...

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The Best National Parks in the World

In almost every part of the world, national parks represent the pinnacle of the world’s beauty. Any area protected by a government entity generally features unique characteristics that make them excellent opportunities for adventure. Here are some of the best parks for your MeCam Mini Camera to capture. Iguazu Falls National Park, Argentina / Brazil The Iguazu River and waterfall lie at the border of Argentina and Brazil, although the former’s Iguazu National Park is perhaps the better known portion. With 275 drops spanning 1.7 miles wide, it is one of the largest and most majestic falls to behold. Moreover, it is surrounded by pristine jungle, which can be view through various walkways that take you close to the falls....

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Top Five Luxury Destinations

Luxury travel is not just about spending more, but experience and enjoying more of what a destination has to offer. If you are looking for places to get the most out of your travels, consider the following five locales, each of which offers great photo opportunities with your MeCam Mini Video Camera. Paris Is it any surprise that the City of Lights is on this list? From its pristine boulevards to its historic churches, few places on Earth are more romantic and cultured. There are no shortage of artistic enclaves and streets to explore, and beyond top spots like the Arc de Triomphe and Louvre, the capital is dotted with a vast array of breathtaking monuments, museums, hotels, five-star restaurants,...

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