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Shoot Adventures Outdoor Activity with MeCam X

The summer has official began, so it's time to plan a cool vacation and other adventures outdoor activities. The best part is that MeCam X will help you save those precious moments for the rest of your life. MeCam X comes with a 1080p video resolution, 5MP photo resolution, a wrist remote, waterproof case, bike mount and much more. Combine the Wearable Video Camera with an adventure outdoor activity, like camping, hiking or biking. Take the family to a night under the stars with a stone fire ring and the best stories. There are some spots around the United States that need reservation with water and electricity while others are free with just trees. Another excellent outdoor activity is to...

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Perfect Spots for the Ultimate Picture

The MeCam X is best Wearable Video Camera in the market with full 1080p video resolution and 5MP photo resolution. The MeCam X with a waterproof case, wrist remot and bike mount are ready to be taken to perfect spots for the ultimate picture. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine Located in Klevan, Ukrain, the Tunnel of Love consists in more than five miles of railroads. In this spot the trees make a green corridor perfect for couples and photographers. It is said that if a couple goes to the Tunnel and make a wish, it will come true. Tulip Fields, Netherlands The first tulip in Dutch soil was plant in 1593, every year between April and May. During that time of...

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Fun Facts About MeCam

Did you know the MeCam X is the lightest camera on the market? This is just one example of all the great features the best Wearable Video Camera offers to its customers. MeCam is all about creating cameras with the best resolution in addition to being a hands free camera that way you don't miss any second of the action. The first MeCam product, the Classic, is about the size of a half dollar and the main idea was to create a product easy to use for everyone. MeCam Classic is so simple that you just need to hold down the power button until the LED light on the top starts blinking. The MeCam Classic is available in five different...

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Avail the Three Best Wearable Video Cameras

MeCam offers the best wearable video cameras on the market, the MeCam Classic, MeCam HD, and MeCam X. Hereare four main reasons : attractive design, hands free functionality, content created, and the ability to share everything in real time. The MeCam Classic is a pioneer of all wearable cameras. This product has the ability to shoot in low-light conditions and comes with a lightweight and small size, excellent for every situation. In addition the camera includes a necklace cord. Also, the MeCam HD has the ability to share videos and photos with its own Wi-Fi signal, allowing you to connect to a Smartphone or tablet. The package includes a clip bracket with detachable stand, safety pin bracket, and neck strap...

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Kick Off The Summer Right With MeCam!

School is out and the travel season is in. Now is the time to see the world, stay up late partying, or going on an adventure. If you want to capture these memories like never before, turn to the best Wearable Video Camera on the market: MeCam. Our expanded line of state-of-the-art Hands Free Cameras gives you even more options to celebrate summer fun on your terms. See which one works for you. MeCam Classic The one that started it all, this whimsical and fun option offers a versatile and affordable way to enjoy hands-free photography and videography. You can wear it as a necklace, pin it to your shirt, or get creative and place it where it offers an...

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