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Avail the Three Best Wearable Video Cameras

MeCam offers the best wearable video cameras on the market, the MeCam Classic, MeCam HD, and MeCam X. Hereare four main reasons : attractive design, hands free functionality, content created, and the ability to share everything in real time. The MeCam Classic is a pioneer of all wearable cameras. This product has the ability to shoot in low-light conditions and comes with a lightweight and small size, excellent for every situation. In addition the camera includes a necklace cord. Also, the MeCam HD has the ability to share videos and photos with its own Wi-Fi signal, allowing you to connect to a Smartphone or tablet. The package includes a clip bracket with detachable stand, safety pin bracket, and neck strap...

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Top Things Wearable Cameras Can Do That Your Phone Can't

The growing popularity of the MeCam Mini Camera is a testament to the popularity and desirability of Wearable Video Cameras. In an era of social media, Instagram, and hi-tech digital technology, photography and videography have never been popular. But while smartphones seem to lead the way in this regard, Hands-Free Cameras like the MeCam open up a whole new dimension of recording that cannot be beat. Here’s how: They Are Convenient Instead of having to flip your phone out all the time – which risks a damaging drop – the MeCam can be used without doing anything more than push a button. Because it can be pinned to a shirt, tied around like a necklace, or otherwise do its work...

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