Kick Off The Summer Right With MeCam!

School is out and the travel season is in. Now is the time to see the world, stay up late partying, or going on an adventure. If you want to capture these memories like never before, turn to the best Wearable Video Camera on the market: MeCam. Our expanded line of state-of-the-art Hands Free Cameras gives you even more options to celebrate summer fun on your terms. See which one works for you. MeCam Classic The one that started it all, this whimsical and fun option offers a versatile and affordable way to enjoy hands-free photography and videography. You can wear it as a necklace, pin it to your shirt, or get creative and place it where it offers an...

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Best Summer Spots to Shoot with the MeCam X

The MeCam X and the other Wearable Video Cameras are created to generate the best content that captures your life on the go. With the 1080p HD camera of the MeCam X is possible to shoot the best summer spots. Maui, Hawaii This beach getaway is more than just another destination near the beach. The second-largest Hawaiian Island is an excellent spot for this summer with fourteen golf courses, and water sports like windsurfing and stand-up paddleboarding matching perfectly with the sportive MeCam X. Paris, France The city of love has the perfect weather in the summer and longer days that mean more time outside wandering along the Seine or visiting Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, just in time to...

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Best Museums to record with the MeCam HD

The MeCam HD is able to capture videos with 1080p HD resolution and audios from a twenty feet diameter, that is why is the best option to record trips and visits to the best museums in the world. Not all the exhibitions in a museum are video-friendly so make sure that you are in the right room before turning-on the MeCam HD. Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., United States The Smithsonian is the world’s largest research museum complex, with nineteen museums and galleries. The Smithsonian is so large that if you spend one minute looking at each object it would take ten years and even then you would have seen only ten percent of the museum. Le Louvre, Paris, France Two...

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Top Things Wearable Cameras Can Do That Your Phone Can't

The growing popularity of the MeCam Mini Camera is a testament to the popularity and desirability of Wearable Video Cameras. In an era of social media, Instagram, and hi-tech digital technology, photography and videography have never been popular. But while smartphones seem to lead the way in this regard, Hands-Free Cameras like the MeCam open up a whole new dimension of recording that cannot be beat. Here’s how: They Are Convenient Instead of having to flip your phone out all the time – which risks a damaging drop – the MeCam can be used without doing anything more than push a button. Because it can be pinned to a shirt, tied around like a necklace, or otherwise do its work...

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Spectacular Streets in European Cities

The MeCam X is your best friend while traveling. With all of its features you are able to shoot adventures activities and little beautiful spots in cities that looks like a fairytale. Europe is well known for creating magic travels and also for beginning the best scenario for all kind of artistic opportunities. Here there are some spectacular streets in European cities to shoot with your MeCam X. Rue de Charonne, Paris Paris is not called the City of Love in vain. It is full of small streets for every mood and mission. Rue De Charonne is the perfect street to find outfits for every occasion, and to enjoy the most perfect food, typical of Paris. This walk-able street is...

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